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the heart is also a furnace

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8/15/11 10:43 pm

okay okay guys, whoever still knows my blog.. after some attempts to try to keep blogging on livejournal, i have started using blogspot. it's easier to upload photos and such and i just cant write in a place that is filled with so much of my long gone life. if anyone wants to find me,

i'm writing and uploading photos here: ceciliaminou.blogspot.com
and i'm reblogging delightfully adorable thing i find on the internet here: omgminou.tumblr.com

btw minou means kitty in french. just let's keep that clear.

xoxo my livejournal friends.


1/7/07 05:19 pm - pour les amis

my name is cecilia. this blog has been going since 2006.
i write frequently. i like octopuses. i eat a lot of limes and avocados in the summer.
i am working toward my bfa in photography at pnca.
this journal is "friends only" for privacy reasons,
but i have a public journal heyfurnace for my ongoing portfolio.

(entry updated april 2010)
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